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InTu Mobility and Packaging: A Date With Innovation at Upcoming Trade Shows

June 30, 2023

LAS VEGAS – The future of cannabis packaging is about to unfurl in a blaze of audacious creativity, technological wizardry, and sustainability as InTu Mobility and Packaging announce its daring showcase at the Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas from August 14-17 and the MJBiz Conference in November 28th-December 1st.

“Be Better; Do Better. This is more than just a theme for us; it’s a rallying cry,” said the marketing team. “We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cannabis technology, packaging, and marketing. Daring to dream bigger, act bolder, and, yes, do better!”

This year’s focus is on reducing waste and enhancing efficiency, from the technology employed to the packaging solutions offered. Sustainability is at the forefront, but this ethos is about more than just the environment – it’s about going the extra mile in every aspect of a business. Because when you cut corners, the customer often pays the price for you. When they pay the price, your bottom line suffers. That’s just basic business.

“Our drive to innovate doesn’t stop at our technology solutions,” Tony Horling, the owner, added. “We’re bringing a whole new level of sophistication to cannabis product packaging, with a focus on the rising female consumer market segment. This year, we’re unveiling a tribute to the female plants and consumers of cannabis through a limited edition collectible packaging contest and giveaway. Exciting details to follow!”

In a thrilling crossover of art and artificial intelligence (AI), the company’s beloved Mylara is set to return with an entirely new look and feel. “Imagine the magic that happens when our art team collaborates with AI,” teased Michael, the lead packaging designer, “The results will be out of this world! And she’s not coming alone – Mylara is bringing her crew to this year’s cannabis conferences.”

In addition to the new designs, InTu is also unveiling luxury boxes and a new Low Grit Laminate at the shows. The company promises an “Apple-Inspired Style” presentation for cannabis products, with high-end boxes boasting custom design options, and even compostable materials. The company’s commitment to sustainability is further underscored by its sourcing and manufacturing processes, all proudly done in the USA.

“Did we mention we’re Veteran owned?” added Tony Horling. “Our industry-low MOQs, hefty discounts on large print runs, five-day proof turnaround, and swift USA shipping are just a few ways we’re committed to doing better. Simply put, with InTu Packaging, you can’t go wrong. Why? Because we do it better!”

About InTu Mobility and Packaging

InTu Mobility and Packaging is a veteran-owned, American-born company specializing in innovative technology and packaging solutions. With a focus on efficiency and creativity, the company is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in multiple industries, from Food and Beverage to the cannabis industry.

Press Contact

Christopher Lee, Director of Marketing

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