High and Low MOQs Available

Expanded real estate for your messaging. 

QR Code to increase customer engagement with your brand. Run contests that coincide with your collectible, variably printed art!

Variably print different artwork for the same product and provide a collectable experience for the user. 

Imperceptible Guilloche Patterning provides brand security. Scan the pattern to authenticate your brand.

Add RFID Tracking Labels to ensure your data is being tracked from distribution to dispensary.

Increase the likelihood of return consumers by providing them with quality information about your strain's effects, terpene composition, and Cannabinoid Data.

Make your package from environmentally compliant, sustainable, and affordable material to increase your brand equity with eco conscious consumers

Track Additional Data like RFID and Temperature Tracing with inlayed data labels.

High and Low MOQs Available


In an increasingly competitive cannabis market, brands are seeking ways to stand out from the competition and build strong relationships with their customers. Smart packaging solutions are emerging as a powerful tool to address this need, providing enhanced product safety, transparency, and environmental responsibility.

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Our innovative packaging solutions, such as InTu Packaging SmartPak, ensure the freshness, safety, and full transparency of cannabis products while increasing and securing brand equity for the company – all with a single packaging solution.

Using sustainable, compostable, and recyclable materials, InTu Packaging SmartPak supports your brand's commitment to environmental responsibility.

Asset tracking through RFID technology, weight and humidity tracking, and seed-to-sale data ensure transparency and facilitate customer interactions with the product.

To protect against volatile markets, grey market brand mimicry, and theft, InTu Packaging SmartPak features unique security mosaic and guilloche patterning for robust brand security.

With T3 Temperature Tracking Tags, you can track fully customizable temperature thresholds. Ensures that your cannabis products arrive safely and as fresh as when they were produced or cured.

Web 3.0 Technologies, QR Codes, and NFC are incorporated to increase customer engagement and interaction between [brand name]'s digital platforms and products.

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