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Step into the future and elevate your cannabis business with InTu Mobility and Packaging. We’re taking a bold leap towards revolutionizing cannabis technology and packaging, and we want you to be a part of it.


In today’s competitive market, being better isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. That’s why our focus this year is on improving everything from the technology we use to the packaging of our products. We’re committed to reducing waste and improving efficiency because we believe in doing better – for our business, for our environment, and for the end user.

Custom Clear Mylar Pouch

Where Technology Meets Packaging


Track and Trace Technology

CannaTraceX, developed by InTu Mobility, is a comprehensive seed-to-sale RFID track and trace solution that enables businesses to ensure compliance while optimizing their operations. Utilizing reliable hardware and software solutions of your choosing to create a solution that protects your brand from the grow to the point of sale.

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Smart Packaging

Our innovative packaging solutions, such as InTu Packaging SmartPak, ensure the freshness, safety, and full transparency of cannabis products while increasing and securing brand equity for the company – all with a single packaging solution.

Mylara Returns

And she brought her crew

Sour Diesel


Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Experience the unimaginable as we unveil the new and improved Mylara, powered by a hybrid effort between artificial intelligence and our design team. This marketing effort is a tribute to the feminine plant herself and to the fastest growing consumer in cannabis, the female user!

To celebrate the female plant and the women who enjoy cannabis, our Design team at Cannacular created Her’s: A Cannabis Brand for the Female Consumer.

Give Your Product A Personality

Cannacular, our in-house art and design team, is ready to bring your strain or product to life.

Give us your contact info, and we will set up a meeting with your team. 


Super Boof

High Society

Born In The USA

Veteran Owned and American Made with Pride

Sourced, printed, assembled, and shipping in the U.S.A. means that you will be not be weeks or months away from receiving your packaging solution.

From Artwork approval you can get your packaging solution within 23 days if you are in the Continental US.

We've got a minimum order quantity of 1000. 


Don't wait weeks just to get your proofs back by using ePak

Get 15% Off Orders of 5,000 or More

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