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Bringing Stability to the Cannabis Industry with RFID Track and Trace Solution

The cannabis industry is heavily regulated and faces the challenge of ensuring track and trace throughout the entire production process, from cultivation to sale. Failure to fully adhere to these regulations can result in serious operational consequences and fines.

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the Solution

CannaTraceX, developed by InTu Mobility, is a comprehensive seed-to-sale RFID track and trace solution that enables businesses to ensure compliance while optimizing their operations.

key benefits

With CannaTraceX, businesses can track their products’ movement from cultivation to the end consumer in real-time. This visibility helps optimize workflows, detect bottlenecks, and identify inefficiencies

CannaTraceX utilizes unique identifiers such as RFID tags, ensuring product integrity and preventing counterfeiting in the market.

By providing accurate records of the movement of cannabis products and maintaining proper documentation, CannaTraceX ensures regulatory compliance in the cannabis industry.

the Case Study: The Herb Hub and InTu Mobility and Packaging

The Herb Hub, a renowned cannabis organization, collaborated with InTu Mobility and successfully implemented CannaTraceX into their operations. As a result, the company started reaping several benefits, which were evident through the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

Decrease Waste

Efficient data collection from grow operation to retail point of sale significantly diminished waste production.

Reduce Compliance Fines

Implementing CannaTraceX mitigated the risk of compliance fines by meeting regulatory requirements.

Improved Inventory Management

The RFID solutions enhanced warehouse operations and inventory management, ensuring optimized stock levels and reduced costs.

The Solution in Action

Successfully implementation of these track-and-trace devices, any cannabis company can achieve improved inventory accuracy, enhanced regulatory compliance, and optimized retail operations.

The integration of the RFD90 RFID Sled and Scanner, TC22 Mobile Computer, ZT411 RFID Label Printer, Star TSP143 POS Receipt Printer, and the Micro touch POS Touchscreen Series proved instrumental in their journey towards efficient seed-to-sale operations in the cannabis industry.

RFD-90 Cannabis Technology


InTu Mobility and HerbHub integrated the RFD90 RFID Sled and Scanner into their operations for quick, fast, and highly accurate inventory tracking. With RFID technology, they could effortlessly scan and record product information, including batch numbers, expiration dates, and strain details. This enabled them to streamline inventory management processes, reduce manual errors, and enhance supply chain visibility. The real-time tracking capabilities of the RFD90 RFID Sled and Scanner ensured efficient stock rotation, minimized wastage, and facilitated seamless regulatory compliance.
Mobile Computing in Cannabis

Mobile Computing

InTu Mobility and HerbHub utilized the TC22 Mobile Computer to support retail operations as a versatile mobile point of sale (POS) and inventory management solution. Equipped with barcode scanning and data collection capabilities, the TC22 Mobile Computer enabled efficient transactions, accurate inventory counts, and streamlined reporting. The company's retail staff could efficiently process sales, update inventory levels, and manage customer information, enhancing the overall customer experience. The TC22 Mobile Computer also facilitated cannabis delivery services, ensuring accurate order fulfillment and timely customer communication.
RFID Printer for Cannabis

Label Printing

For labeling needs, the ZT411 RFID Label Printer was crucial in printing POS and inventory labels with embedded RFID technology. This allowed the company to generate customized, high-quality labels that contained all the necessary information for compliance and product identification. By leveraging RFID label printing, the company improved the accuracy of product labeling, reduced the risk of mislabeled items, and enhanced inventory tracking throughout the supply chain.
Cannabis Point of Sale Solutions

POS Solutions

At the point of sale, the company utilized the Star TSP143 POS Receipt Printer and the Micro Touch POS Touchscreen Series to provide a seamless checkout experience for customers. The Star TSP143 POS Receipt Printer ensured fast and reliable printing of receipts, while the Micro touch POS Touchscreen Series enabled efficient order entry and intuitive customer interaction. This streamlined POS system enhanced transaction speed, reduced errors, and contributed to overall customer satisfaction.


“Implementing CannaTraceX from InTu Mobility has dramatically increased our ability to access a 30,000-foot view of our operation from grow room to showroom. From the RFID solutions implemented in the warehouse to solutions in smart packaging and POS technology, our operations are running on all eight cylinders.” – The Herb Hub

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CannaTraceX is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with its state-of-the-art seed-to-sale RFID track and trace solution. By providing visibility, product authentication, and regulatory compliance, cannabis businesses can focus on their growth without worrying about fines and operational challenges. Implementing CannaTraceX ensures a seamless and transparent supply chain and empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions that ultimately lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

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