Feel the Lux Soft Touch® Difference

Smooth as Velvet

It’s true consumers buy with their eyes, but what get’s them to buy again?

What do their hands tell them?

Your package may please the eyes with a great design and a beautiful finish, but what does it feel like in their hands? Grab two similar flexible packaging bags filled with product. One is glossy and slick, and the other feels like velvet.

That is soft touch…

It is the defining difference between a good package and a GREAT package. There are many soft-touch options on the market, but they are not all the same. What makes our Lux Soft-Touch® finish absolutely irresistible?

Much like a traditional matte finish, our Lux Soft Touch® catches the eye, but it also catches your attention at first touch.


  • The industry standard for soft touch laminate is 0.5ml
  • InTu Packaging’s Lux Soft Touch® laminate comes in at 1.5ml

You get three times the quality, three times the softness, and three times the consumer value add. When your consumer picks up a soft touch bag produced by our production team you give them a reason to buy again.

You are telling your end consumer that you trust in your product so much that you were willing to provide them with an elite package.

Product Quality = Packaging Quality

Don’t send your consumer home with a cheaply constructed bag with a marginal finish. Send them home with a reason to buy your product again and again. InTu takes pride in the packaging we manufacture and we want your product to stand out on the shelf. Our bags not only feel great in your consumer’s hands, but they grab attention immediately.

We do this by remaining dedicated to your end product. We even partnered with an exclusive design team that blows the competition out of the water.


A good design features more than cannabis related imagery. It speaks about your entire persona as a brand. Are you an elite brand? Maybe you need a clean, elegant design. Are you a fun brand? Perhaps you need something with a dash more color!

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Package Materials

Packaging needs to feel sturdy, and feel good in the hands. If it feels cheap, it is probably because it is. Your product suffers if you use cheap flexible packaging. But never fear InTu is here to serve up an elite bag that makes your product look the part.

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The Total Package

When you combine a one-off design from a real digital artist and graphic designer with engaging messaging and a world-class mylar bag you get the Total Package.

Elements of a Total Package

  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Elite Materials and Manufacturing

If you are missing any one of these three, your product isn’t being seen. Even worse, you are missing sales.

Maximize your sale potential today by giving our team a call.

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