The Hidden Costs of “Cheaper Packaging”

Your cannabis packaging is vital to your sales strategy in a saturated market. Consumers make split-second decisions based on branding and high-quality packaging.

When you source your packaging from China the cost appears dramatically lower than domestic competitors. However, your packaging is about more than the cost, it is a critical point-of-sale feature that has a large impact.

So even if you find packaging from a Chinese supplier for half the cost of supplying from a domestic supplier like InTu Packaging, you might end up paying more in the long run.

The Hidden Costs of Sourcing from China

There are many things that go unnoticed but the following issues can dramatically increase the cost of the “cheaper option”.

Increased Lead Times

If you find and vet a reliable supplier in China, you will experience lead times that can put you behind your launch schedule. Before COVID lead times were close to 10 weeks. Post-COVID, your shipping time may be delayed up to 45 days on top.

You want to protect yourself from supply chain chokepoints to launch your product effectively.

THE INTU ADVANTAGE: Lead Times are significantly shorter because we manufacture and print here in the U.S.A.

Communication Issues

Sourcing from foreign suppliers can cause unneeded frustration like language barriers, time zone delays, and inconsistent business practices. If you have an issue with your order coming from overseas, whom do you contact to get it resolved? Can you get someone on the phone during business hours or do you have to wake up at 3 AM your time to solve an issue?

THE INTU ADVANTAGE: We know your business and we are available during normal business hours to assist you and answer your questions.

International Tariffs and Unusual Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping from China has increased in recent years under government tension. These added costs can sometimes offset the perceived savings you are quoted at the beginning.

THE INTU ADVANTAGE: InTu Designs, Prints, and Fulfills entirely in the U.S.A. saving you the costs of additional international shipping.

Physical Proofing

Often due to the distance and difficulty, you won’t receive physical proofs of your packaging for your team to run Quality Control on. When your full order of bags arrives and there is misaligned printing or blurry graphical elements do you have the time to correct it?

THE INTU ADVANTAGE: InTu provides you with proofs within days of design completion not weeks. This way you can be sure of the product you are getting.

The question is are you really saving by going with the “cheaper option”?

InTu Packaging is a high-quality, domestic option and a partner that you can rely on to get you the right packaging solution, at the right costs, at the right time.

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