Printing, Product and/or Design Approval Process

The following must be completed to finish the fulfillment of your order. If you have any questions, please call your Intu Packaging Advisor for clarification.

Production and Design Approval Steps 1-4 (5):

Step 1:

Proofing Process "USE THIS GUIDE" before submittal

Step 2:
Before Submitting *Acknowledgement

Step 3: Project Details

Step 4: Approval Final Section

*The above Authorized Representative, has carefully gone over the project herein, and "Approves" its submittal to production, as follows and per *Step 2 Acknowledgment"

(Step 5): Are we facilitating the printing and production of this artwork? If so, please provide all shipping details; address and shipping method

Step 5.
If different than your client intake address or a special shipping destination is needed please provide these details below. Product Shipping Address

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